Leader in storage capacity for frozen products in Spain.

  • 5 logistical plants.
  • 538.000 m3 of total storage capacity.
  • 118.000 Pallets.
  • Stronghold in north-central regions of Spain.


Leader in service of quality.

  • Accredited Quality Certification: ISO 9001.
  • Flexibility: picking, cross docking, freezing, manipulation.
  • Customer satisfaction: response times, loading and unliading times, loyalty rating, failure rating.
  • Information for online customers: traceability of stocks.
  • Customs storage centre


Leader in costs.

  • Economies of scale for size and experience.
  • Services focused on optimizing processes and cost.
  • Own freezers.
  1. CAPACITY. The largest network of self owned facilities.
  2. LOCATIONS. Central geostrategic corridor platforms, near to factories, with access to motorways.
  3. QUALITY OF FACILITIES. ISO 9001 Certifications, minimal thermal fluctuation and optimal relative humidity.
  4. INTEGRAL SERVICE. Storage, picking, frezing, cross docking, dry storage handling, offices for rent, traceability, customs warehousing. PNCH
  5. QUALITY SERVICE Flexibility, satisfaction, time management.
  6. LEADERSHIP IN COSTS. Size, processes, amortization.
  7. INTEGRATED LOGISTICS. Integrated logistics operators with strategic alliances with specialists in refrigerated transport.
  8. PERSONALIZED MANAGEMENT. Plans tailored to customer´s needs.